Terms and Conditions

When you (hereinafter referred to as the "Customer") purchase custom-made clothing, products, goods, or the like (hereinafter referred to as the "Product") from Tini Garments AB, corporate registration number 559242-5085, Storgatan 50 Hudiksvall (hereinafter referred to as the "Seller"), these terms and conditions (hereinafter referred to as the "Agreement") shall apply. The rights and obligations of the Customer and the Seller, each individually referred to as a "Party" and collectively as the "Parties," shall be governed by the Agreement and subject to Swedish law.

  1. Price and Payment

1.1. The price for the Product is stated on the website in the specified currency and includes value-added tax. The price is preliminary and may change depending on the Customer's requested adjustments to the Product. If the Customer chooses to have the Product delivered, additional costs for shipping and delivery will apply. The cost of shipping and delivery varies based on the size and weight of the Product.

1.2. The Customer shall make payment using the payment methods specified during the purchase process. Late payment may incur penalty interest.

1.3. The Seller reserves the right to inform the Customer if materials for the Product are out of stock or in case of pricing errors. Prices may be adjusted at any time, and the Customer shall pay the latest presented price, subject to prior indications. The Customer understands that pricing errors, out-of-stock materials for the Product, or other similar circumstances making the Agreement impractical for the Seller constitute a right for the Seller to cancel the purchase until the Product has been delivered to the Customer.

  1. Order and Delivery

2.1. The Customer places an order for the Product by booking their order. During the booking process, the Customer selects which tailor will complete the Product and chooses the time for the initial appointment with the selected tailor. Fitting according to the Customer's preferences takes place during the appointment. If the Customer decides to proceed with the purchase of the Product after the fitting, the tailor places an order with the Seller, who then sends an order confirmation to the Customer. The Customer must ensure that the order confirmation contains the desired specifications, including but not limited to garment type, color, fabric, size, adjustments, etc. It is the Customer's responsibility to ensure that the provided contact information is accurate and that an order confirmation can be received.

2.2. The Customer schedules the first fitting appointment using the Seller's booking system. After the first fitting appointment, the Customer has the option to schedule one (1) additional fitting appointment within two (2) weeks. The final fitting/pickup is then arranged by mutual agreement. As the Product is tailored specifically to the Customer's preferences, the Seller cannot guarantee exact delivery dates in advance.

2.3. The Product is collected from the tailor. If the Parties agree that the Product should be delivered to the Customer instead, this will be done at the Customer's expense. In such cases, the Customer collects the Product at a designated pickup point if it cannot be delivered to the Customer's mailbox due to its size or weight. Therefore, the Customer must provide the correct delivery address. The Customer should also inspect the Product to ensure the correct quantity, size, etc., and that no damage has occurred to the Product.

  1. Right of Withdrawal, Defects, and Complaints

3.1. The provisions of this section 3 shall apply unless otherwise required by mandatory consumer sales legislation.

3.2. Since the Product is made according to the Customer's instructions or otherwise personalized, the Customer agrees that the amount paid by the Customer upon order confirmation may be used by the Seller to cover the Seller's costs in the event of a cancellation. Therefore, the Customer must carefully consider whether to purchase the Product before signing the order confirmation and making the payment.

3.3. The Customer has the right to withdraw from the agreement. The Customer shall notify the Seller without undue delay (but no later than within fourteen (14) days after receiving the Product). If the Customer exercises the right of withdrawal, the Customer shall return the Product to the Seller without undue delay and no later than within fourteen (14) days from the day the Seller receives the Customer's notification, subject to the condition that the Product must have been received by the Seller or that the Customer has provided proof of returning the Product. Refunds shall be made using the same payment method applied by the Customer. In cases as described in section 3.2, the Customer shall cover the Seller's costs.

3.4. If the Product has been delivered, the Seller covers the cost of return shipping and refunds the amount paid by the Customer. If the Customer exercises the right of withdrawal, the Customer can use the following form.

3.5. If the Customer reports a defect, and if the Seller is not notified of the defect within a reasonable time after the Customer should have noticed it, the Customer may not claim that the Product is defective (complaint). However, notification made within two (2) months after the Customer noticed the defect shall always be considered timely. If the Customer does not make a complaint within three (3) years from the receipt of the Product, the right to claim a defect is lost. If someone other than the Seller has undertaken to rectify the defect on behalf of the Seller, the complaint shall be directed towards that party instead.

3.6. The Customer may claim that the item is defective if the Seller has acted with gross negligence or in violation of good faith, or if the defect falls under section 18 of the Consumer Sales Act.

3.7. If the value of the Product has decreased since it was received by the Customer, the Seller reserves the right to refund only the value of the Product, replace the Product, or repair the Product. The Customer is aware that the Product is tailored specifically to the Customer, and full compensation for a withdrawn and/or complained Product may not be possible.

3.8. For contact regarding the right of withdrawal, defects, and complaints, see section 8 below.

Customer's Responsibilities

4.1. The Customer shall only enter into the Agreement if they are authorized to do so. The Customer is responsible for participating in the purchase of the Product and shall be fully liable for payment of the Product at the time of acceptance of the order acknowledgment. The Customer shall also follow the instructions provided with the Product. If the Product is returned, it must be in its original condition.

4.2. During the Agreement, the Customer may not utilize any part for commercial purposes, and the Seller retains the rights to all materials, logos, texts, inventions, and other actions. The Customer may not resell the Product except for private use.

4.3. The Customer may not misuse or manipulate the Seller's websites, social media, or other services, obstruct the Seller's technical tools or their function. The Customer may not take actions to obtain, extract, or copy the Seller's materials, data, including raw data, and personal information.

Processing of Personal Data

5.1. The Seller acts as the data controller when processing the Customer's personal data. The Seller processes personal data in accordance with Swedish and European data protection legislation.

5.2. Detailed information about the data processed and the Customer's rights can be found in the Seller's privacy policy here.

Duration of the Agreement and Force Majeure

6.1. The Agreement commences upon the Seller sending the order confirmation.

6.2. A Party is exempt from liability for failure to perform a certain obligation under the Agreement if the failure is due to a circumstance of the kind mentioned below and the circumstance prevents, significantly hinders, or delays the performance of the obligation. Circumstances such as authority action or inaction, newly enacted or amended legislation, labor market conflict, blockade, fire, flood, a major accident, and/or a pandemic or epidemic (such as new effects of Covid-19) are considered exempting circumstances.

6.3. What is prescribed in section 6.2 may be invoked if a corresponding circumstance affects the Seller's suppliers, subcontractors, or other third parties to the Seller.

Complaints and Disputes

7.1. Customer complaints and claims against the Seller can be made through the contact information provided in section 8 below. The Customer also has the right to submit a complaint against the Seller to the Swedish Consumer Complaints Board (Allmänna reklamationsnämnden - ARN): www.arn.se/.

7.2. The Customer can also use the European Commission's Online Dispute Resolution platform: www.ec.europa.eu/consumers/odr/main/index.cfm?event=main.home2.show&lng=SV.

7.3. Additionally, the Customer can submit a summons to a court. For more information, see www.domstol.se/.

7.4. The Agreement is governed by Swedish law, without the application of rules or principles of choice of law.

Contact Information 8.1. The Seller can be contacted by mail, email, or phone. The Seller's contact details are Tini Garments AB, corporate registration number 559242-5085, with address Erik Lars Vägen 3, 824 43 Hudiksvall, phone +46 70 408 66 00, and email hello@tini.se.


9.1. A Party shall not be obliged to compensate the other Party for indirect or consequential damages such as but not limited to loss of profit, revenue/income, loss of contracts, or similar damages, unless otherwise required by mandatory law.

9.2. Nothing in the Agreement shall be interpreted as conferring a right for one Party to invoke the other for advertising or PR purposes, or otherwise use the other Party's name, trademark, or brand, without first obtaining explicit and written consent. The names, websites, trademarks, marks, or the like presented on the Seller's website, as well as email or otherwise, may not be duplicated, used, copied, processed, altered, transferred, exploited, or otherwise utilized.

9.3. The information on the Seller's website is provided without any warranties or representations, and the Seller reserves the right to disclaim liability for incorrect information presented both on the website and via electronic correspondence. When the Seller refers to other websites or third parties, the Seller disclaims liability for the content of the websites and links to these sites, as well as third-party terms and conditions. What is prescribed in this section shall be overridden if otherwise provided by mandatory law.

9.4. Should a provision of the Agreement be or become invalid, illegal, or impossible to perform, this shall not affect the Agreement in its entirety. The Customer is not entitled to wholly or partially assign or transfer their rights and obligations under the Agreement to a third party without the prior formal approval of the Seller.

9.5. The Seller reserves the right to amend the terms of the Agreement.