Building the fashion
brand for the future.

With a focus on on eco-friendly materials and on demand production TINI reduces its carbon footprint, promotes mindful living and sets a new standard for conscious consumption.

Our concept

TINI Atelier Repair&Adjust



In our first collection, you'll find The Perfect Shirt. Discover your preferred style at one of our ateliers.

Tini Urval 2



After choosing your design, it's time to make it uniquely yours. We're here to assist you in achieving the perfect fit.

TINI Local Production



Once every detail is in place, your garment comes to life in one of our local ateliers.

C Tini Magda Per 1



When your garment is ready, it's time for a final fitting. Pick it up at one of our ateliers or have it delivered to your door.

Crafted on-demand
in our local ateliers in Sweden

At TINI every piece is produced in a ready-to-wear manner within our local ateliers in Hudiksvall and Stockholm, inviting you into the process. From design to personalized measurements, material selection, and garment detailing – it's all part of the journey.

The Shirt:
Custom-made to match your unique style and preferences. Starting at 2100 SEK.

Anything but your regular fashion brand


Welcome to TINI, your destination for made to measure clothing, making you the architect of your own personalized wardrobe. Through our  innovative design system we create locally tailored and responsibly made custom clothes that perfectly fit your individual aesthetics, for years to come. Each piece is meticulously designed to be not only true to your size but also true to your style.