About us



TINI excels at the intersection of technology and fashion. Each garment carries a digital ID that offers insights into the manufacturing process, care instructions, repair options, and even rewards for sustainable choices. This enables you to easily create, optimize, and keep track of your long-term wardrobe.

Tini Och Johanna

Our Story

From its inception in 2020, TINI was born out of the visionary partnership between Johanna Mörk and Tini Warg. Our primary mission has always been clear: to cut down on the crazy amount of clothes being made and getting people to truly value what's in their closets. At our heart lies an unwavering dedication to revolutionizing clothing production, which benefits both individuals and the environment. Our expertise lies in crafting enduring pieces that seamlessly blend into your daily life – clothes you want to wear all the time and for a lifetime. Within TINI, our carefully curated garments embody the essence of authentic living, gracefully waving goodbye to the endless chase for more.

Klädvård Tini

Our materials

We exclusively focus on using natural materials and fibers in our production. A significant portion of our fabrics comes from recycled materials in the fashion industry or are vintage fabrics. We ensure that all waste materials are collected and reused by weaving them into new fabrics. Through this practice, we aim to reduce our carbon footprint and minimize waste. When purchasing new materials, we use only 100% environmentally certified fabrics with raw materials sourced from the EU. These fabrics are chosen for their durability and ability to withstand frequent use without excessive washing.